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  1. I just finished forbidden legend that was a head scratcher. A few interesting lever puzzles. And got that house of horrors gift , no longer need the soul capture spell. It’s good to be evil

  2. Great Episode #3!

    Like all the ideas for DLCs you guys mentioned.

    I think a DLC that would bring a new (and very large) quest would be a good. Like “shivering isles” where it shows up one day out in the water somewhere. It could be small when you look at where it would be on the map, but transport you to another dimension.

    • IMO, I’m hoping for something like that too. I know Bethesda keeps saying they want to improve the game, not make it any larger…but at some point, I think they are going to have to put something like Shivering Isles into it. Yes, the game is large, but there is only so much a person is willing to do in Skyrim. A new area out of the province, maybe further up north…or a quest to go into neighboring Morrowind, would be a nice change of pace/scenery.
      Also, I think there is a lot to be said for DLC that allows you to make a new character that is not dragonborn, and is independent of the main questline. Food for thought 😉

  3. Great PodCast guys! You have my undying reverance, like that of my Dunmer Ancestors 😉

    • And you have ours, for being an amazing listener and fan of our show! Thank you for listening and for the kind words! Maybe chat with us during our livestream? We host the show live wed mornings at 10:30am EST and also livestream some gameplay each week! Watch our facebook and twitter, @skyrimotr for when we go live

      • Awesome. I’d love to. If my school schedule doesn’t interfere that is lol. Oh, and in regards to episode three, I would like a DLC incorperating the adjacent land of Morrowind, or even Vverdenfell. As a huge Morrowind fan, I would love to see Vivec, Balmora, and the rest rebooted.

  4. hey guys, as someone who usually doesn’t post on stuff i wanted to say I enjoy your podcast so much im posting it here! i also gave you a like on facebook. You guys have really made Skyrim even more interesting because I get to hear all the different stuff people are doing besides my own quests. I play one character all the way through (as well as one can in this game) and Im still on my first play thru as a classic barbarian redguard with two-handed and heavy armor, Ugbaz. Thanks again for all the great tips and hints, keep up the good work!

  5. In your next episode i think you guys should tell people about this great app called “MAppZ – Skyrim Edition”. I dunno if you guys are against this sort of thing but i really enjoy this app, it very helpful anyways i love the show and keep up the great work!

  6. Love the podcast! It’s great to get everyone different perspective on how they play. Currently I am level 41 , nearly a master in destruction and loving it, bit am definitely inspired to crank up my smithing skill after listening to you guys! Keep up the great work!

  7. For a dlc you bethesda should think of traveling back to maybe dagerfell and see what it looks like with these graphics now

  8. Hello fellow adventurers! I thoroughly enjoy your podcasts. I’m a 360 gamer, mainly because of lack of PC availability. I’m a die-hard Redguard, and have been since Daggerfall. I’m about level eight now, And have a quest-question (Lol u c wat I did thar?). In the quest following the clearing of Fort Hraggstad, if you know which quest I mean, are you able to keep or eventually steal the jagged crown? If so, what perks does it offer?

    Also, a comment on the DLC, I’d like to see something that involves the Thalmor a bit more. So far, I don’t know of any quests that involve them more. Maybe something that has you helping the Imperials kill some important Thalmor honcho? Or, maybe something different if you’ve sided with the Stormcloaks, each giving different special bonuses.

    • Hi Jack! Thanks for listening and for the comment! Personally, I’m not sure what item and quest you’re referring to, but that’s because I have the memory of an 80yr old man! Probably bc of all the video games I play. (derp derp) As for your comment about the Thalmor, we’ve been getting a LOT of ideas involving the Thalmor, all of them quest related. I have a feeling, if we’re getting this kind of feedback, I’m sure Bethesda is as well. So, you may get a little Thalmor smashing time in the months to come. Pure speculation on my part, though, just so you don’t get your hopes up.

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words!


  9. Hey Otr you can find 3 dogs plus Barbara a deadra princes dog in falkeeath for a deadras best friend deadra quest And when you do something for the prince and Barbara is your companion for that part but only for the quest but you can not finish the quest and have an invincible dog companion for the reamainder of the game and in my opinion the reard for the quest is t very good

  10. Royal Black Watch

    One fix for the save issue on the PC is to log onto different user profiles on the same PC. My daughter and I both play Skyrim on the same PC, since we use different profiles the saves are not combined in the same folder. Different profiles = different save folders.
    So you could have one Skyrim character for each PC profile.

  11. Joe, Lou and Evarwyn…my stereo is out in my car, and unfortunately I drive a fair amount each week, so thank you for making the last month or so quite enjoyable!!! Your podcast has kept me sane and prevented me from driving my 2003 Dodge Stratus into a ditch!! I love hearing the different ways your characters handle objectives and quests, and really enjoy experiencing the game through your characters and actions as well. Keep up the excellent work! Would even love your interaction with call-ins during the show to intelligently discuss situations in the game. Thank you for taking the time to host this show, there are a LOT of people that appreciate it!


  12. Hi SOTR love the show.
    I don’t get the dwarven armour because there are no dwarves in the game. If they make the elder scrolls 6 and hope they do, for number 6 try should make a 11th race (dwarves).

    Keep SOTR up.

    • There are no dwarves, but there are the Dwemer who are Dwarves-their ruins are found around the place sometimes, full of automatons.
      They’re called dwarves by men because a iant was the first to see the dwemer and the men got the name from him.

  13. Nice show guys
    in one of your podcasts i noticed you mentioned a minecraft server what was it again.

  14. God I am addicted to …….SKYRIM PODCAST Off The Record by the way episode attack of the gazer what is the song that you played during the break of the show is it in a album because I want it so bad is it by Corvus corvax

  15. Hey guys great show! I listen to it while I work and was trying to remember what had been recommended in the Crafting Table. I think it would be cool if you added a page that listed everything you have featured!
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Hey guys Candc4 here how’s your adventures in the land of skyrim, mines prettys sweet so tell what’s your. Favorite playstyle mines the murderous thief who goes to any length to obtain lots and lots of money and to spend as little of it as possible and hates all forms of restoration magic. (She thinks it’s for wimps and nerds) (no offense to you guys its simply my roleplay) for example your character might use healing spells or a healing potion but my little lady prefers to cheap out and not by any potions at all makes the game a lot harder a lit of circling around rocks dodging spells and arrows and running away from melee fighters, I also play on expert mode these things change gameplay considerably making you learn to dodge every hit you can, and by making dodging more important then doing damage. sorry that all my comments get so long and have very bad grammar and spelling

    • I love the fact that you have taken your role play as far as this! Great comment and nothing but respect for you if you can play Skyrim without using healing magic and potions! Thanks for writing in and telling us!

  17. Hey guys love the show I have a quest you might like, its called The Pale lady you get a pretty good sword at the end.

  18. heh guys, I’v got an idea for a DLC-hear me out.
    I was wondering earlier about what it would be like to have the dragonborn in the real world and if say bethesda could do a co-op with rockstar to make a sort of Grand theft Skyrim style game, but I thought that would be nonsense until I rembered that the Dwemer had really modern technology compared to the rest of the world, but this was quite a long time before and now theyve dissapeared so in the time of dissapearence, providing they didn’t all die or something maybe they’v created even more modern tech for example cars and radios that style of thing, and if for a DLC, the Dragonborn could somehow get to wherever the Dwemer are now and explor a bit, the DLC could only be the size of say whiterun but the dwarven inhabitants could maybe send the Dragonborn on errands for things in the real world say, this could also be a good reason for those pirate weapons and ninja training you’v always wanted.

    Summary(so you don’t have to read that)
    Travel to wherever the dwemer are, look at their tech and do errands for them.

    it’s not even entirely unrealistic, and perhaps we could see what snow elves look like aswell.

  19. Hey guys, just a quick thought… I think you guys should implement a forum on your site. It would help allow people to post ideas faster for the show, their input that they have about Skyrim, and even talk about their daily adventures in the world. What is your take on this?

    • if we where able to on the format of the site we use we would :/ but alas we are not the best at web design.

      • Well, if you’d like me to set you guys up with a forum, I’d be more than happy to help. I’ve set up my fair share of websites and forums for not only my own sites, but also for people in need. Anything to help out my favorite Skyrim Podcast.

  20. Well, if you’d like me to set you guys up with a forum, I’d be more than happy to help. I’ve set up my fair share of websites and forums for not only my own sites, but also for people in need. Anything to help out my favorite Skyrim Podcast. 🙂

  21. The Skyrim Creator Kit came out today yes yes yes BTW its 2.7.12 Steam Workshop now hosts mods and the creator kit works with steam workshop

  22. Hey guys. You mentioned in the last episode that most of the PC players are the hardcore Skyrim fans, while the console players are just there to “play though the game”. I have to strongly disagree with this. I have been playing since the first game came out, following all the lore and dev progress along the way. I know many people who are die hard fans that do not play on the PC. Some of us simply don’t have the resources, money, abilities, etc., to have a decent enough PC to play this game. My Alienware m15x can’t even handle this game past medium settings. It would be nice if I could afford a way to build a desktop and continue to upgrade as needed, but that’s just not possible for me right now. I am sure there are many others in the same boat. That doesn’t make us less devoted fans, does it?

    Skyrim was hyped beyond belief and no doubt brought it many newcomers. However, take a look at some of the forums for both console versions and I guarantee you will see the majority are lifelong players of the series that can seriously school you on the lore and pretty much any other detail of the series.

    I am a fan of the show and listen every week. I know you guys are more inclined to discuss the PC version along with mods and such, because that is what you guys use. I think there are many console players that are totally cool with that. But, please give us a little more credit when it comes to our devotion to the series.

    Nonetheless, great show and I hope you continue it through all the DLC.


  23. Fat The Destroyer

    So with more hours logged than one should care to brag about (298 hours and counting) spread out over a level 63 pure caster, a level 63 warrior type with heavy points in enchanting, and my newish level 23 thief type, I honestly feel that there is no wrong way to play this game. Enchanting and alchemy and smithing are both money makers and ways to really add beef to any character. Bethesda , although still with a few bugs, has created a world for us gamers to become any cross-class type archetypes and not only survive but thrive in a world unparalleled by any other single player game to date.
    The DLC Ideas have spread not only to other territories, but spreading over a vast ideas of both skill trees new and perks. But one unspoken are these seemingly unopened quests in Skyrim that could lead you to not only new territories but ways to play the game differently as reveled by Bethesda. Rune in the Thieves Guild is one such example. He speaks that he knows nothing of his past but these runes that he was found with. This clearly leaves a fantasia of ideas possible for Bethesda to reveal. leading to story arch changes that alter your feelings about ultimate role playing decisions.
    My tip although known could never be stressed enough. Try not spread your points over too many perks. If you feel that there is a perk in a tree you cant do without then by all means, get that perk and be done with the tree. Spreading of ones perks can lead to overall stunting of a character in higher levels, and a bad taste in ones mouth for spending nearly 80 hours to create your ultimate killing machine to only discover that they are no more than an overgrown Kajhit.
    Fus Ro Dah.

  24. hey Joe Lou Evarwyn you guys are awesome and for DLC maybe go back to High Rock
    and maybe Elsweyr

    Keep of the good work and ill still keep listening.

  25. For a DLC, I would love to see the Dovakiin (BTW, iPhone says that’s a word!) travel to the Sumerset Isles in glorious 1080p HD. A Breton would be awesome.

  26. Is there a way to make items unstolen. Also i some how made 3 differnt pairs of blades armor by placing it on the manaquin in the markarth home, then taking it off leaving and coming back! Am i on to something or just a wierd xbox glitch?

  27. TonyG Essex UK

    Hi guys.While browsing thru itunes came accross your podcast series so immeadiately d/l every episode and im currently up to listening to number 7.Excellent stuff,informative and entertaining although the pirate fixation is a little worrying 😉

    I’ve been playing Skyrim for around 6 weeks on the 360,hard to find any praise or superlative that hasn’t already been used by others really,just an awesome game in all respects that deserves the plaudits and awards its getting.

    Eagerly awaiting the dlc even tho after 6 weeks theres still a load more stuff for me to do on the game for my lvl 45 toon.One small suggestion for the dlc might be the ability to set up your own camp or have i managed to miss this somehow??

    Purchase a tent,bedroll and cooking kit from a store might be some weight to carry but ive found some beautiful locations on the map that i would love to pitch up in to hunt from or use as a base for a while,just a thought.

    Keep up the great work guys

  28. Hey guys ive got two mod or dlc ideas that I think would be great. The first would be jousting on horseback and mounted combat. Another would be an infinity blade type one. When you die you would have a son if you were married or if not a fan that takes on your legacy when you die and can go on. For a final i would love to see throwing knives and tomahawks i think that would add some ranged combat and a perk tree. Keep the shows coming and the pirate mod ideas (i am working on a pirate questline)

  29. Hey guys I just wanted to say that I started a full mage High Elf. I am not putting ANY perk points in non magic trees. Just wanted to write on here what I was doing for the challenge. Oh I also wanted to say that Lou should cover Sithis in his next lore segmet. I’ve always wondered how he fit into the pantheon of gods. Thanks for the awesome show guys! Keeps my morning bus rides interesting.

  30. Corrie Jones

    Hey, am big fan for skyrim and play it all the time. I was wondering if you could make an updatefor skyrim. Like where if you reach level 81 and you used all your skill points you could have infinity skill points. I say this because, am a nord warrior and some times I want to be a mags but I can’t because I don’t have any skill points left.
    Thanks please do this!

  31. Hello , I’m stuck on one of the vampire quests … New alliances …… I was suppose to go the markarth and turn corrine from the warrens into an vampire and I’ve already done that quest … So now Im stuck and can’t turn her cuz she already been bitten …. So I can’t go back to castle (vampire) to get another side quest until this task is complete …. What can I do …. Also why can’t the vampires really really fly …. Higher

  32. Hi, what is with the new dragonborn dlc. I used up all my dragonsouls learning other shouts and when the bend will shout came along i thought ‘brilliant, now i have to hunt for hours to find a few dragonsoul because Mirrak kept stole one!!’. However i finally unlocked Bend Will to the full and had to find another dragon so i could fly it 😀 WHAT A LET DOWN! not only are the dragons movements rather robotic when airborn, YOU CANT ACTUALLY CONTROL THE FLIGHT PATH OF THE DRAGON?!?!?!?!? what is this?! i love skyrim and when i heard you could control dragons with this new Dragonborn DLC i had the biggest neardgasm EVER! but after actually playing i was abit upset and started contemplating what life actually is. I mean really, control a dragon they said, it will be fun they said. HA NO. I was seriously dissapointed. I suggest that everyone makes the suggestion to the makers of skyrim. That suggestion being, LET US CONTROL THE FLIGHT PATH OF THE DRAGONS LIKE A TRUE DRAGON BORN!!!!

    That is all.

  33. Hey everybody i was wondering how to download skyrim off the record podcasts i can’t get them in Itunes

  34. hey I was wondering if you guys could make a update for Skyrim, like Spears?

  35. I have the Playstation 3 version I’m trying to complete the Companions quest go going to the Skyforge to watch Kodlak’s funeral and everytime i do the game freezes right when Aela puts the torch to the forge. I think it is the Glory of the dead quest? But They start the funeral at the point she goes to lay the torch down or start the fire game will freeze.Now I uninstalled everything and kept my only save file. Restarted my game re installed my game and the 1.8 update patch. It still does this freezes, but if I leave before she does the fire as in fast travel game plays fine I can go back to white run wonder around as long I stay at the bottom part of it . If I go toward the stairs Heading into the area the game will freeze or If I get arrested it will freeze. Say i pay my bounty soon the screen loads I’m back in white run it freezes. Is there any way to fix this or any time it will be fixed. I played game before on my old ps3 before the hard drive went bad it played just fine. Please let me know what is going to be done about this. Thank you.

  36. I have the xbox version and i really want skyrim to put co-op player so that you can show off your awesome armor, your house, or anything else. And I bet other people want this to so people try make it work.

  37. rebekka rice

    Hey i had a question and i was hoping that you could help. You see i have this issue where i take no dammage to my health wich is cool, but when i use my magic potions they dont do anything. I cannot transphorm and it messes with my quests for the masks. I was hoping you could tell me how to fix it without having to restart the game.

    Thank you,
    Rebekka Rice

  38. Hey I was wonderin if skyrim would come out with a new dlc. Like a personal army. Have like 200 men and have to pay each one 500 gold. Then one could be archer and have traing grounds. And one be a warrior and have their own traing ground. That would be awesome. And you can give them armor you made and weapons. I would pay like 40 bucks for something like that. And im sure people have the same idea as me before though please read.

  39. There should be a extended version of the civil war if you choose the stormcloaks when the Aldmeri Dominion comes and attacks skyrim

  40. Make skyrim without steam

  41. Hey skyrim creators, you have created one of the best games I have ever played and a member of Xbox for about 8 years (I have played a lot of games.) yours has by far the best story mode and gameplay. The only thing is the minor glitches for such a big map. If those can be fixed I would enjoy playing another one of your elder scroll games. Good job and keep it up.

  42. Idk about anyone else but after the dawnguard Dlc i would really love to be abke to be a snow elf..

  43. Can you please make co-op player for skyrim please 😦

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