Skyrim: Off The Record LIVE!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  1. Darn it on iPad don’t think I will hear till its up on iTunes already recorded

  2. Anyway guys have a great live show i’ll catch it later.

  3. whenepisode 5 be out on itunes? jw. anyways love the show and am always looking forward to the next episode.BIBI!!

  4. YAY! πŸ™‚

  5. Good job guys your great fus-ra-dah five stars

  6. I’ve just finished listening to Episode 3 (I am really enjoying it, great job!), and I’m not sure if and when you guys will have another live podcast?

  7. Darn iPhone… Will have to wait for the recording : (

  8. Wish you guys started even an hour later, I don’t get off work until 8:30 (11:30 eastern). Oh well :\ guess I’ll just have to listen to you on podcast, least it passes the work day quickly.

  9. My armor rating for my dwarven armor is 312 no mod real

  10. Hey you guys should make a link or a page with all the songs, mods etc.. That you do in all the episodes

  11. Hey guys your good friendΒ C-and-C4 here. Im here to ask about your play-style, do you role-play if so to what degree? I’m at the point that I eat breakfast lunch and dinner and sometimes a snack before bed, I once fell in the icy cold water near winterhold and spent 5 days recovering from the flu. I even set and unset the table before eating. I even have a favorite book I read before bed I it’s called “The Locked Room” it’s a locking-picking skill book , it’s such a good read I believe you can find it inΒ Highmoon Hall in Morthal. Sorry about my comment being so long I just get so caught up it end up this way.
    Sincerly Candc4

  12. Hello CandC4! This is Ev and I will say I DO RP a bit, but not a huge amount. I usually plan my characters around a story or idea I’ve thought up. If I love a portion of the character so much, I’ll keep that personality characteristic going through my game (like the choice to be very evil or very good, or like you, choose not to use something in game like health potions/magic). We enjoy long comments, so no need to apologize, however I have to say, I love all the RP elements you put into your game. That must take a lot of time and attention and a tremendous amount of love for your creative ideas. Maybe start writing them down in fan fiction?

  13. Finally around for a live show …but no go with my iPhone. Rats.

  14. Paul aka obiwang1975

    Hi guys. How is everyone ?


  16. Hey when do you go live? Baca use on my iPod I cannot see so a bit confuseld

    Keep up the good work.

    • The show is done live 10:30 AM EST on Wed. THIS Wed, though, we have a change of plans and will do it at 6:30 PM EST! Hope to see you all there!


      • Hey guys there is this cool poison called poison of slow. You can make it by mixing, Deathbell and Salt Pile. It makes the enemy move say 50% slower for … seconds. -Alyks

  17. When do you go live I cannot see on my iPod.


  18. Really?mI was really Looking forward to listening it live.

  19. Ahh i cant watch on my lame ipod touch. Im currently in class so i cant whip out my laptop :/

  20. Tom Curlett-New

    Cant wait to hear the new episode guys. Hope the lore section is still in. I learnt more about Skyrim than I did anything in school. I clearly only listen when I enjoy something. Also, Go GMEN! Huge win for the New York Giants.


  21. Guys,

    I love the podcast. It kept me company on a recent trip from northern to southern california which allowed me to catch up on the previous 9 episodes. I really appreciate the fact that you keep your production structured but casual. It definitely allows me to relate. Skyrim is my first step into the RPG realm after playing similar games when I was younger. Keep up the good work.

  22. Enjoyed Mistress LeBeau apperance on episode 10. Coming from console gameplay as well, it was nice to get her perspective. Hope to hear more guest hosts in the future….BTW my current playthrough is as a high elf….initally started beefing up one-handed…then went theives guild..then mage…..I love the fact that you can switch back and forth between classes and styles of play. It definitely keeps it interesting.

    Cant wait for episode 11, thanks again

  23. next livestream date please??
    love the show

    you guys should talk about the windhelm murders and mistwatch

  24. Srry the first post i sent was non-intentionly a reply to some other post. you should try that poison. -Alyks

  25. Whens live stream?

  26. Damb in Scotland so not sure when the show is on, I think I’ll probly be asleep:S ahh well have a good show, oh and I thaught it would be cool for you to mention some of the people who were in oblivion as well as skyrim, for example adoring fan, Maiq the liar and so on. Just thaught that would be fun, because I’ve been wandering who is in both games, I search and found a few. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ (sorry if I had incorrect grammar, got dyslexia)

  27. I have a great tip for stealing. On PC if you hold down E your person will like grab that item.On to my tip, hold E on the item you what and do in a place were no one can see you crouch then drop then steal. Bam! -Tobin

  28. or use telekinesis (spell)

  29. whens the next live stream?

  30. hey first comment for me but how many shouts have you memorized in the dragon tongue other than: FUS RO DAH!

  31. LOVES the show. I feel its loosing a little momentum though… I mean at this point its “what to do when you’ve done everything”… I’m a little concerned. Bring some chicks on or something! Your Ultimate Master Mozzeck.

  32. Ive had problems with the entire system freezing and i have 12gb of ram. How is this possible?

    • Definately something wrong with your pc dude maybe a virus? I only have 4Gb of Ram and it runs perfectly on my Intel I5 with the settings on max

  33. In Skyrim i can’t buy the solitude house after Completeing the storm cloak quest line. Annoying much. Help if you can.

  34. hi guys what do u think of my character nd role play. shes a breton first of all starts the db,thieves guild,then join ulfric,then save skyrim from the dragons. after dat going to do something like u joe. by doing a two handed reguard. thank 4 ur time

  35. whens episode 15????

  36. Love the show, love the game, love everything…..except when i save over my game :(:( cant wait to get it for PC!!!!

  37. Hopefully i can catch one of ur live streaming one of these days πŸ™‚

  38. Helpful podcast, Lots o’ lols

  39. When do you guys normally live stream skyrim? Not the show but like gameplay.

  40. YES!!! just got Daedric weapons and armor smithing XD no to find all those ebony ingots and daedra hearts 😦

  41. In the Elder Scroll could you guys talk about the lore surrounding Sovengard? Just an idea. Love the show keep up the great work! P.S I have recommended your show to others.

  42. In the Lore segment could you guys talk about the lore surrounding Sovengard? Love the show

  43. can you guys mention the music you use during the breaks? i really like the music used in ep. 14 and would love to download it! thanks – and you guys rock!

  44. Thanks very much for the info on the music !!!!

  45. Hey guys, love your podcast. I picked up the game from a co-workers recommendation. It now owns my life lol. When you can squeeze it in to the show could you cover more info on the best side quests found in different holds? I haven’t traveled to Dawnstar yet and would like some ideas of where to start. Keep up the great work, I hope your show continues through the DLC and on to the hopeful MMO!

  46. can you guys shout me out please,im your guyses biggest fan.I listen to every pod cast at lest 3 times each week, it would mean the world to me,any way thanks for reading, im going to probably listen to the live 1 next week.thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

    From the best looking khajiit from elsewhere Kyniss
    p.s its pronounced ky-nis not key-nis like joe said on swotr.

  47. Hey guys Rich here just added widget on Twitter btw (I’m @rellakat add me guys)
    Ive just recently gotten into your show. I play Xbox version and I’ve listened a lot to what you have all said and am feeling the pull of PC and Steam. I’ve downloaded the game before (yes bad I know) but not with steam. Thinking of buying but don’t want to pay Β£33. Also learned the word kiting from u guys lol

  48. Slayer_of_Bunneys47

    Hey guys if you could contact me when you are going to Livestream that would be great!

  49. In the Lore segment could you guys talk about the lore surrounding Sovengard? Love the show!

  50. Hi guys I’m having trouble downloading your latest podcasts can you help please? Love the show

  51. Slayer_of_Bunneys47

    Dave said my name wierd!!!!!!!!!! On Ep. 21!

    • We tried to correct him, but it’s his first day with the English language. You’ll have to excuse him. πŸ˜€

      • Slayer_of_Bunneys47

        Lol! Well i bet you will like to here that im going to hopfuly be in the live podcast chat room. Or i WILL be at your live show! And just to tell you instead of writing out “Slayer of Bunneys47 you can call me Alyks. Alyks = Alex.

  52. Hey you guys what’s up and how’s it going I’ve been super busy with school so I haven’t been able to listen to your podcast since episode 13 but this weekend I went on a off the record a thon and stayed up till like 10 in the morning listening to all your podcasts and started like at 7 at night the nite before and stared at episode 1 so I’m all caught up you guys are amazing

  53. This is the greatest podcats ever. It make my ride so much more eaiser.

  54. Hi all. Just makin it to the livecast

  55. shrektacular24

    hi guys love the podcast, started listening late only on episode 20 its so cool theres a few people who listen to ur podcast at work we all find skyrim so gooooood loved malukha episode will come back and let u know more another day a shout out would be so cool. all the best and keep it up from scott in wigan the uk

  56. Hey guys love the podcast. I have recently found this podcast just a few days ago and I’m only on episode three. I think Skyrim as an MMO is a good idea but a better idea might be to scale it down to a 4 player online co-op kind of game. That way you can still play with friends and not run into trolls and griefers. What do you guys think?

  57. Awesome game I’m loving it, there is a great variety of armor and it gets even better once your skills are fully developed (currently @level 43)

  58. Whooooweeee this shift needs to end so that I can head back home catch some sleep and get lost in the world of Skyrim πŸ˜€

  59. I was wondering if anyone has been able to find the DLC for Skyrim on PS3. Its not showing up in my playstation store

  60. I need help how can i complete rescue mission with heinskr if i killed him back in whiterun i dont get no new missions nothing im lv 65 and i really dont want to start allover been through it before 😦 is there anyway i can cancel the rescue mission can i do anything im on the ps3 toxic_cupcake666

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