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All the new episodes and info can now be found at our new site:

Elder Scrolls Off The Record


Joe “the wigit” Wilson


We have Forums! Please excuse the mess…

We have Forums! they are VERY basic right now but they work. they also look terrible (blame Joe) but we plan to fix that in the next few days. Enjoy 🙂

Mine Craft Server

Hi all!

Joe “the wigit” Wilson here. I’ve been getting a lot of people asking what the IP is for our Minecraft server. So ill give it to you all here:

Rules of the server: No stealing from other players property! no building in other players property. and that’s pretty much it 🙂

It’s a survival server so be prepared for monsters roaming the country side! There is a safe oasis for new players to the server to get materials to safely get them started in the new world of Quest.

So come join us for some minecraft goodness!

Joe W.


Joe Wilson & Evarwyn Guest Host SlashGroupSay on

Joe and Evarwyn were asked to guest host in a brand new video podcast called Slash Group Say, /GroupSay! Come check out the cast! We discuss the impact of SOPA and PIPA as well as get into E-Sports, where it stands right now and what kind of future it has. Here is the link! Please enjoy!


Fan Art for the Show!





Hey guys, check out the awesome fan art that Joseph Clymer gave to us today! Thanks Joe! Check out Joe’s brand new blog, which is reads as if it were Dovakiin’s diary. “Memoris of a Nord”

We received the following e-mail and screen shot from Scott today mentioning a glitch he ran into.

First of all I’m really enjoying the show.  Keep up the good work. Playing one day and I fast travel to whiterun. I hear a dragon roar and I absorb a dragon soul. I see everyone start running towards the gate and leaving whiterun.  I follow everyone but can’t find the dragon. A few real life days later I fast travel again and the dragon is in whiterun dead and I am able to loot him. Now every time I fast travel to whiterun he is in a different location. Attached is a picture of my favorite one so far.