About: Skyrim Off the Record

Skyrim: Off the Record is a fan-based created podcast about Bethesda Studio’s newest, soul sucking, life detracting, RPG: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! SotR is hosted and produced by Joe “The Wigit” Wilson and his fellow co-hosts and Skyrim adventurers, Evarwyn and Louis Olan. The three hosts of the show, bring you their in-game experiences, latest game/community news, game features and mods as well as the occasional pro tip/trick and advice surrounding the game, Skyrim, each week. The goal of SotR is to present information in an informative and entertaining format while capturing the enthusiasm and excitement of the hosts and help to draw fans of Skyrim from all over, together, as a community.

  1. Hey guys I just wanted to say that I am liking and appreciating where the podcast is going. In fact, episode 1 influenced me to make the jump from Xbox Skyrim over to PC. Downloading via Steam as we speak.

  2. Following up. I got transferred over to PC, and I can officially state that I’m not looking back. Wow! Looks and plays so much better. Thanks for the advice gents.

    • Anytime man! I was totally blown away when I saw how big of a difference it actually is. Heres another good thing thats better about PC, they update and patch it first. Since they have to go to Microsoft and Sony’s approval process for every patch, it happens to hit PC faster. Enjoy!

  3. Great podcast guys and will announce it on my YouTube channel which is NyGamer2000

  4. I like what you guys are doing with this podcast but next episode can you guys talk about weapons and armor and where to find secret weapons and armor. And I also found out that if you don’t do any of the main quest there will be no dragons on ps3.

  5. Love the show guys, great job! A couple things about this game. The eldergleem cave is amazingly beautiful if you haven’t been ther e do it! Also for a one handed shield bearing Nord like myself, the mage, or apprentice Mage ( as he will tell you) marcurio from riften is my fav companion thus far. Keep up the great work guys!

  6. Gamer tag Xliquid GearX

    Going on from last week’s episode about dlc, it would be awesome to have a chain quest where you go back in time to meet the main character (champion of Cyrodil) from elder scrolls oblivion and something happens and it builds up from there. Or maybe a trip to one of the realms like they did with the shivering E. dlc for oblivion. Good job guys, stay classy.

  7. Really enjoying the show, thank you. It’s helping me have a richer and more in depth gaming experience with Skyrim.

    I was surprised by the quality and content of the podcast after trying out a few other Skyrim centered podcasts lately, keep up the good work!

  8. Sorry I’m in middle school so I don’t have time to listen to this non stop so I’m answering the 3 trees my 3 trees are sneak allusion because I can make all of solitude go crazy and attack each other (better than a movie theatre) and my 3 is one Hand for decapitation so i am balanced and have one main in each different types of tree

  9. From your episode 7, you mentioned a quest item called habd’s remains, it you place them in (activate) the top of the lighthouse you will be granted a permanent active effect where your healing spells are 10% more effective

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