Episode 16: Wabbajackin’

This week brings us a few surprises, including Joe, all the way from California and an on-air stunner that brings us a new host to the network! We cover the Skyrim 1.5 update in the news, discuss the rumor that Bethesda will soon announce a TES: MMO and debate the pros and cons, present “Personalized Music” and “Unarmed/Unarmored” mods in The Crafting Table and then its off to Lou’s lore segment, “The Elder Scroll” to learn about Daedric Artifacts! We finish off with your emails and take on some of your questions! We hope you enjoy!

Episode 16: Wabbajackin’!

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Posted on March 21, 2012, in Podcasts and tagged , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I really enjoyed the live stream and seeing you guys make the episode. That will keep me coming back! Really looking foreword to buying some Skyrim OTR swag, Pew Pew T-Shirts FTW!

  2. Great show as always guys. What was the break music you used this time? I wonder if you could start listing the music selections in the show description? There have been a few times when I am wondering what it is.
    Thanks, keep it up.

  3. Fantastic show as ever. Have just spoken to the talking dog in my game, definitely need to get me some wabbajack. One slight niggle though. The bit rate on this episode made it quite a chunky download… 320kbps is a tad high for a recording of Skype or vent.

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