Episode 10: a Mistress called LeBeau

This week we welcome Mistress LeBeau as our FIRST guest speaker! We cover this week’s release of the Creation Kit as well as the High Res DLC! We discuss the state of the game and DLC 3 months after release in Bannered Mare and Lou tells us about the Dweamer in his new segment “The Elder Scroll”! On to your emails afterward as well as a huge heaping of laughs


Episode 10: a Mistress called LeBeau



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  1. Its funny you guys mentioned Mercer Frey this week, he follows me around nowadays as an unkillable follower. I ran out of arrows while going through Snow Veil Sanctum with him & didn’t think the game would let me leave the area with him. Well he follows you everywhere & is great at tanking dragons. I plan to take him & my mage follower into Blackreach very soon.

  2. Whoah that podcast thumbnail looks awesome. I wanna purchase a necklace like that.

  3. Thank you lebeau I am a hardcore skyrim fan I have been playing only that game since it. Came out on console in November so console players may not have mods but we still love skyrim so don’t be a favorite person saying we pc are better than console we are all skyrim lovers and big fans

  4. I have 5 characters on PS3, 2 on PC, 1 on Xbox

    However they alll have there own journeys and evolved to where they ventured natrually , 2 are assassins one a Nord warlord, only 2 are genuinely Dragonborn, a female nightingale, a hunter / druid, a wizard and archeologist of dwemer ,A breton rock climing dragon slayer who has scaled the throat of the world without steps quests and oxygen, some own houses , but none will ever be a god or a arab sheik and own everything as its not individual all quests get done eventually but not all at once , this natrual development of characters goes back to Oblivion and Morrowind , it makes my experience very enriching.

    I share my expereinces with my family members on the Dark brotherhood facebook page the CK is great for amaters like me, yes it should be made for consoles as well , this game and it tools damn it belongs to all of us RPGamers and medieval reinactors alike !

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