Episode 6: Slayer of Lambs

In this episode we introduce a new segment “The Bannered Mare” a round table discussion and we bring on a guest host for this segment! We talk about two “interesting” mods, one of which will give you a laugh. Many many emails and the email of the week by Sethar119 who gets Joe riled up.


Episode 6: Slayer of Lambs

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  1. There is a quest in the game, I don’t know which one, where you get a dog to follow you furring the quest. Since the dog is a quest item, he can’t be killed, and if you don’t finish the quest, he stays with you permenantley.

  2. First time replier, long time listener (all episodes): re: map/quest/mission difficulties, one Fable 2-type feature that can be of great help in navigating routes from point A to B is the Clairvoyance spell. When cast, this novice level Illusion spell throws out a purple mist path can be easily followed to your destination…

  3. Hey guys. Perfect podcast, first of all. And in regards to a dog as a companion. The reg dogs will be killed soon enough. But if to talk to the talking dog, you follow his quest to the shrine. Then you have to go obtain an axe. Don’t get the axe and continue on all other quests. And the dog is technically a quest item. So he will NOT die. Ever. It’s a cheat of sorts, but I’m still alive! Thanks.

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