Episode 5: Ulfric is a Milk Drinker

In this Episode of Skyrim off the record we give you tips to help find your way through Skyrim, talk about some new mods we played with and hear from you, the listener to hear your thoughts and opinions. 




Episode 5: Ulfric is a Milk Drinker

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  1. Woo whoo! another episode, thanks guys…the force is strong with this one.

  2. The dagon shrine, the daedra respawn from what I’ve heard. Or when you get to a high enough level alchemist merchants have them.

  3. An idea for your site. Please add a page with links and/or names of the mods you suggest on the podcast. I listen to your show while at work and do not have time to write down the mod names. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi first time listening to you guys and you guys are great fus ro do!! and a merry thankmas good episode
    DreamCrusher500 on Xbox if anyone wants to friend me
    Go empire

  5. WHAT is the name of that instrumental that plays during the intros?

  6. what is the name of the break music in this episode? the one with like bag-pipes i think? it’s pretty epic and i want it. i’d rather not have to just keep looping the show back over and over in iTunes just to hear this song because it’s great. thanks guys, love the show, best Skyrim show out there in my opinion, please keep them coming!

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