Episode 3: Off with ‘er ‘ead!

For Episode 3 we have our FIRST Rountable discussion about what we would like to see in DLC, also chat a bit about our featured mods for the show, Weapons of the 3rd Era and Dark Brotherhood Forever! Also the news, our in-game experiences PLUS a Merry ‘Thanksmas” Christmas feature during the break of our show! ENJOY!


Episode 3: Off with ‘er ‘ead!

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Posted on December 21, 2011, in Podcasts. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Great Show as always I started thinking of different DLC content as I was listening to your show I was thinking of something to get more use out of your followers akin to star wars the old republic you can send them off to sell things while your in a dungeon they could also craft for you things like that but dont just stop there ask them to complete quests for you & how your follower does effects the game like you do I was thinking of side quests not the main quests also maybe Co op and you could send your follower to your friend to trade items with you say if you are on each side of the world or you could trade while in town thats all I got so far thanks again for the awesome show

    • HI! Thanks for listening! Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of thinking in regard to the DLC. I have to admit, I see SWTOR doing the companion thing, which is great for that game, but I cringe when I think about it in any other game. I feel as if its such an original idea for SWTOR, that if it were included in any other game, it would be looked at by the community as a stolen idea and diminish the experience as a whole. That’s not to say your overall idea of having your items being sold, or otherwise removed from your inventory in an effective and meaningful manner that would yield some kind of benefit or reward while remote isn’t viable. Other games solved the issue by allowing your character to “transmute” your items into gold, which had no weight. Some kind of ‘transmutation’ game function might do well if you could only do it at an enchanting table, which as we all know, are found in dungeons as well as towns. As for co-op, watch the modding community, because there is already one very exciting mod out there trying to attempt this, which is already in its Alpha version. Thanks for the great feedback and for the nice compliments, we love hearing it!

      • I agree with what you said about SWTOR I feel it is something special althou game company’s steal idea’s all the time it’s the ability add to the idea make it your own main reason why I used the star wars system is to give yall a idea to help improve the follower system I feel like the controls are clunky & follower AI makes me laugh sometimes or frustated when i get traped in a cave between my follower & a wall after going to a chest to get loot

  2. i read the sample for the book continia on amazon, i have to say it very good and enjoyable. unfortunately Im 12 so i cant buy it :/

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